How do I know which size I need, I don't know these size designations?

The quickest and easiest way to find the right size is to look at the dimension table to look closely. All relevant dimensions including images are given here. You can find this directly for each product below the item description under the text "You can find the size table here."

How do I proceed with a complaint?

Despite the greatest care and quality controls in production as well as in the picking of the goods, complaints may arise. Should this ever occur, we would like to apologize in advance. Please send the goods back using the return slip and stating the reason for the complaint. After receiving and checking the goods, we will send you a replacement delivery as soon as possible if you have a justified complaint.

How long do I have a guarantee on seams?

All seams on Blaklader products come with a lifetime guarantee. However, every complaint is checked for material defects or external influences.

How long do I have a guarantee on the finishing?

All textiles are finished with the highest quality printing and embroidery processes. Basically, it should be noted that no guarantee is given on finishing. In the event of a complaint, an individual check is carried out to determine whether it is due to external influences, non-compliance with the care instructions or an error in the finishing.

How do I have to wash my work clothes?

The instructions on the laundry label in the product must be used without exception for the cleaning processes. You can also find more information here.

I have a special request, who can I contact?

Für alle Sonderwünsche rund um das Thema Arbeitskleidung, ergänzende Produkte zum Sortiment oder anderen veredelten Textilien, wenden Sie sich bitte gerne an unseren Partner:
eg promotion GmbH
Tel. 0043 (0)6462 / 4080

How are orders from or to Switzerland processed?

Um Ihnen die Bestellung so komfortabel wie möglich zu machen werden Bestellungen in die Schweiz über die Loxone Landes-Niederlassung abgewickelt. Das heißt für Sie, dass keine Zollformalitäten notwendig und keine weiteren Zollgebühren verrechnet werden. Sie erhalten dann die Ware und die Rechnung von der Loxone Landes-Niederlassung. Sollte in der Bestellbestätigung eine Mehrwertsteuer angeführt sein so wird diese im gegebenen Fall dann mit der Originalrechnung korrigiert. Wenn Sie sich als Partner im Shop registrieren wollen,  wählen Sie bitte unter dem Punkt „Kundengruppe“ im Dropdown Menü „Partnerbetrieb (Nicht-EU)“.

How does the sample service work?

If you are not yet familiar with Blaklader work clothing, we have set up a special sample service for you. In detail, this means that you can order the items you want to view in the shop (please place a normal order) and return them if you don't like them. Please note that the sample service is only possible for goods that are not finished with an additional customer logo - refined goods cannot be returned.